About Us

Inspired by American designers, Ice Cool Limited was founded by David Johnson and Richard Grigsby. They came across a similar design whilst dining out in New York. After being told that the cooler was no longer being made, Ice Cool made it our mission to design and manufacture a similar yet unique and enhanced cooler.

We worked with British engineers to develop an enhanced cooler with specialised cooling fins in order to boost critical surface areas by four. This resulted in an ice-cold bottle chamber, within just minutes of adding ice to the side chamber. 

Our products are completely manufactured in England, with the cooler bodies being extruded from aluminium in the industrial north.

The Look

With a custom exterior finish, the high tech chamber has integrated cooling fins. Upon placing the bottle inside, it elongates the flowing curves of the cooler, adding an allure to this intelligent product. 

How it Works

Our minimalistic product sits neatly on any dining table, bar. Appearing as a simple sleeve for champagne or a wine bottle, with a discreet ice pocket attached. 

After minutes of ice cubes being placed into the separate cooling chamber, the whole cooler becomes ice cold. The internal space transforms from an ambient and benign environment to a chilled air pocket that envelops the bottle with cold air. With a separate ice pocket the bottle remains dry. As you lower the bottle into the chamber, you can feel the power of the cold air being pushed out.

Custom Finished

We use speciliast painting, hydro-wrapping, plating and artisan techniques to produce unique finishes. With a protective coloured finish to both exterior and interior surfaces, 

Standard colours

Black Slate, Rumbled, Gold Champagne and Frosted Silver.

Custom colours and paint finishes

These are available upon request, examples include, photos, logos, artwork, exotic material-effects, matt, vinyl and gloss.

Signature Collection

Nickel and gold-plated, to enhance the beauty and allure of our exclusive coolers. As the moisture gathers and pearls on the surface, it creates a shimmer to the mirror finish