How much ice do I have to put in?

While we have achieved great results with just six cubes we recommend filling the ice chamber so you can keep your drink cooler for longer.


If my wine bottle is at room temperature will it still work?

Your Ice Cool cooler will still cool your bottle, though they are designed to preserve the temperature of a perfectly conditioned bottle straight from the fridge (which would typically be 8 to 12 degrees Celsius/45 to 54 degree Fahrenheit).


How long will the cooler keep my bottle cool?

In a comfortable room temperature it will keep your bottle at fridge temperature for up to an hour - if there’s any left by then!


Do I have to keep my cooler in the freezer for it to work best?

Our coolers are so efficient they get to working temperature within minutes of the ice being loaded. We don’t recommend freezing them as it may affect the warranty.


Can I fill my cooler with water and freeze it prior to use?

We don’t recommend freezing the coolers as it may affect the warranty


Can I put my cooler in the dishwasher?

No. Simply wash the cooler in warm soapy water. Dishwasher detergents can be aggressive and may damage the finish of our coolers. 
Putting the cooler in the  dishwasher will invalidate the warranty.


Will the cold cooler create condensation on its outside?

Yes, a small amount of condensation will occur. In really humid conditions more moisture will collect on the outside so care must be taken when standing the cooler on vulnerable surfaces.


Can I put the cooler under the boiling water tap or use boiling water to clean it?

No. Excessive thermal shocks could damage the cooler and will invalidate the warranty. We suggest you simply rinse it with warm soapy water if you’ve made a mess.


Will my bottle’s label stay intact when in the cooler?

Yes, the bottle chamber will remain cold and dry during use so labels should not be affected as moisture is unlikely to form.


What do I do with the melted ice water after I’ve finished using it?

Simple pour this down the sink and give the cooler a gentle wipe over ready for the next use


If I drop the cooler will it break?

It’s very unlikely as our hand-welded coolers are made from tough 6063 aluminium. It could be possible to dent the cooler in extreme cases but it should remain operable.


Will the cooler’s finish wear in time?

After many uses your cooler will exhibit the patina of its life and service to you. We recommend gentle washing and drying and to avoid contact with any abrasive materials such as dirt or sand. Clean with a soft cloth after washing in warm, soapy water. Drain and dry gently.


Will gold or nickel-plated finishes get scratched?

Careful use and care should reduce small scratches to a minimum.


Are limited edition coolers tagged or tracked anyhow?

Unfortunately not, but there are third party tracking tags available from other online companies.


Will the coolers scratch precious table tops?

All of our coolers are hand-finished to remove any sharp metal protrusions. However, foreign bodies trapped under the cooler may scratch surfaces during use. It is highly recommended to protect any precious table tops or surface before the cooler is put in place.

Can I use my cooler for drinks other than wine or champagne?

Of course! Please try them with sports bottles when swimming or coming back from a run. Chill your beer at the BBQ or pack it with the beach picnic.