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The Eclipse ®

Ice Cool Wine Coolers are made from solid aluminium which conducts cold from the separate ice chamber and surrounds your wine with cold dry air, keeping your bottle at fridge temperature for longer than any other cooler on the market and avoiding those annoying drips from the bottle when you are topping up your guests.

Our cooler is the result of intelligent design and engineering. We proudly manufacture our wine coolers here in Great Britain and are ethically conscious.

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Perfect For Business or Home

Our Ice Cool Wine Cooler Collection boasts a cool and stylish range, ideal for everyday use in your home, restaurant or club.

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The Perfect Gift

Our unique wine coolers make for the perfect gift. Browse our store to find the perfect cooler for that special person.

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Available Soon!

The Signature Collection allows you to tailor your wine cooler to your taste, style, brand or event. Outstandingly crafted and entirely unique, make a proud statement with this luxury addition to your table.

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