We all need to be Ice Cool


Beauty & Function Meet


Our Ice Cool Wine Coolers are both beautiful and practical, boasting a variety of finishes to perfectly compliment your interior. They maintain the temperature of a wide range of wine and champagne bottles yet take up less space than an ice bucket.



High build quality

16.4 x 10 x 18cm


Cooler For Longer

Our Ice Cool Wine Cooler uses unique fin technology to maintain your bottle's temperture within 1°c for over 1 hour even on a hot day.


cooling fins maintain
the temperature

1 hour icon.png

your bottle remains cold
for over an hour without
needing to add more ice


champagne bottle.png

Keep your bottle dry

No More Drips

Our Ice Cool Wine Cooler separates the bottle and the ice, keeping your bottle dry and preventing drips. You don't need towels anymore and your bottle’s label will remain in perfect condition.

f2 bg color.png

Customise Your Cooler

We offer customisation including laser engraving and logo wrapping for our trade customers.

lazer engraving for trade customers


Quality without Compromise

From the quality of the finish to the beautiful packaging, Ice Cool Wine Coolers are exceptional in every way.